MUS 10 Spring 2016 Emergency Website

Important dates:

5/27 Listening Quiz 4 (in lecture)

5/30 MEMORIAL DAY: no lecture

6/1 Essay II due in lecture (which is the last lecture!): bring a hard copy!

6/6 FINAL EXAM 6 – 8 pm, in the Theatre


To get a PDF of the textbook, click here: Masterworks.

Here you will find a playlist for Listening Quiz 4 (Spotify)

MP4:s of all pieces are available here.

Charts for almost all pieces (two are missing).


Here is a copy of “Writing About Music“.


To access the chat, you need to sign up here. You will also need the access code: mus010

If you are already signed up, go here.


When will smartsite come back?

Most likely never.

What will happen to my grade?

We have been told that we will be able to access the grades entered into gradebook by the weekend. If we don’t, me and the TA:s will sit down and try to reconstruct them best we can. In any case, we will make sure to post your final grade in a timely manner.

I can’t find the chart/audio for this or that piece!

Email me or your TA as soon as possible.